07:54 AM - 16 May 2022

We pray for all our students who will be sitting public examinations. May their hard work and efforts be rewarded with the grades they deserve https://t.co/DVvfiHJEqT


19:50 PM - 15 May 2022

Good luck to all GCSE and AS students starting their examinations this week https://t.co/kvOghbFupM

19:02 PM - 15 May 2022

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The long awaited summer exam series begins tomorrow with RS GCSE at 9am. Remember to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time at the exam venue. Good luck to all our fab Year 11’s ☺️

17:00 PM - 9 May 2022

Retweetd From School Chaplain

As the exam season approaches, the following link offers support at this important time for parents and guardians https://t.co/AziLvKp8wP


12:01 PM - 17 Apr 2022

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In these times of uncertainty, we can especially take strength and comfort from the Good News of the Easter Story - Pasg Hapus i bawb https://t.co/u9ccWDy3yy


14:02 PM - 15 Apr 2022

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May you have a blessed and peaceful Good Friday https://t.co/w52nex8Sac


22:52 PM - 14 Apr 2022

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As we approach this evening in prayer, with the image of the Last Supper in our thoughts https://t.co/LnsBF0Ni6D


10:59 AM - 14 Apr 2022

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✍️ Looking to get your students exam ready with FREE learning and revision resources, tips, and guidance? Find everything you need on the WJEC Student Hub: https://t.co/5cyywo6TNz | https://t.co/KDMbCjPFoj

08:09 AM - 8 Apr 2022

A reminder that we break up for the Easter holidays today at 1.05pm. We wish everyone a happy and restful Easter break and look forward to welcoming students back on Monday 25th April (Week B)

21:35 PM - 7 Apr 2022

Retweetd From Into Film Cymru

Here we shine a light on the fantastic Into Film Club at Marion Centre (Bishop of Llandaff CiW High). Read about their Into Film journey & how film has helped them create an inclusive and creative environment for students. https://t.co/D3qDiMeArl

FAQ for Parents/Carers

General Enquiries 

What are the times of the school day? 
There are six, 50 minute periods during the day. This is designed to maximise the learning experience of all students across a broad curriculum. The day begins at 8.30am and finishes for all students at 3.00pm. Throughout the school year, there will be a range of after-school clubs and lessons available for students, especially those sitting public examinations. The school library is also available for students after school on most days of the week.

Is there a Parent/Teacher/Friends Association (PTFA)? 
Yes, we do have a PTFA and are always looking for new members. The PTFA was relaunched in recent years to help strengthen the link between home and school, while raising money to help invest in the education of the children of the school. For further information about The PTFA please get in touch with Miss Rees, Assistant Head by email.

How can I get involved with the school? 
There are a variety of ways to get involved including: attending various sporting, musical and liturgical performances; regularly visiting the school website and following us on Twitter. We welcome feedback via email, letter or in person too.

Can I make an appointment to see the Executive Headteacher/Head of School? 
Of course. However, to ensure your concern is dealt with as swiftly as possible we would ask that you first try the member of staff directly responsible for the issue/enquiry you have. Mr Belli, is our Executive Headteacher and he has responsibility for leading The Bishop of Llandaff and Caldicot School in Monmouthshire. As a result, his time is split evenly between the two schools. Mr Belli is on-site in Llandaff each Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as alternative Fridays (Week A in Llandaff).

Miss Parry, as Head of School manages the school on a day-to-day basis. Each first Monday of the calendar month, there is an 'open door' evening, where families can attend (between 4.30pm and 6.30pm) to discuss any matters with Miss Parry. If you need to make an appointment to see Miss Parry or Mr Belli then please contact Miss Pucknell, Executive Assistant. You may contact Miss Pucknell via email.

Pastoral Matters

Who is the best person to contact with general questions about my child? Your child's form tutor and head of year are the primary points of contact. If your concern is about school or more than one subject, we would recommend you speak to the tutor and then head of year. If you are still concerned, or you have not been able to resolve the concern, then we would recommend you speak to one of the leadership team assigned to specific key stages: Mr Gardiner (Years 7 - 10); Miss Parry (Year 11); and Miss Rees (Sixth Form).

If your concern relates to a subject, then we would recommend the first point of contact being the class teacher, then head of department. In some smaller departments we also have heads of faculty who are here to help. 

I’m concerned that my child is unhappy – who is the best person to talk to? 
In the first instance, the person to contact would be Mr Davies, chaplain. He will be able to discuss any concerns. Form tutors, heads of year/school are also available but as a non-teaching member of staff, Mr Davies is available throughout the day to support students and ensure they are happy during their time at school.

I have emailed my child's head of year but they haven't replied. What should I do?
All of our staff have a significant teaching commitment. Therefore, it is likely that there is a genuine reason you have not yet received a reply. The pastoral team are supported by an administrative assistant, Mrs Hill, who manages their diaries. If you contact Mrs Hill she will be able to help in terms of ensuring your concern is responded to ASAP. You can contact Mrs Hill at school via email.


What if I have a query about uniform? 
Please call the main office or the pastoral team and they will assist you with any queries. If you are unsure about purchasing the correct uniform, then please see our Uniform Expectations Guide which is designed to provide clarity on our expectations.

What if my child’s shoes break? 
Please send your child into school and the pastoral team will provide a spare pair for his/her use until you are able to purchase a new pair. 

What if my child has lost or forgotten their tie? 
Your child can go to the pastoral office and borrow a tie for the day if they have forgotten or lost their existing one. New ties can be purchased at the main school office for £5.00.

What is a 'Pink Slip' Day?
We have high expectations of uniform as we believe it sets the tone for learning. Periodically, we use 'Pink Slip' Days to reinforce our expectations. Where students do not meet these then they will receive a sanction. We ask for your support with this.

Absence and Lateness

Will the school contact me if my child doesn’t arrive at school? 
Yes. Mrs Angel, our Attendance Officer, closely monitors attendance, and will contact you by phone or text if your child is absent and you have not called in. Please make sure that your contact details are up-to-date. You can contact the school office with any change of contact details on 029 20562485. 

Who do I tell if my child needs to be absent from school for a medical appointment? 
Please contact Mrs Angel, Attendance Officer on 029 20562485 or email if your child is going to be absent from school. Please be aware that medical evidence may be requested for prolonged absence.

My child has broken his/her leg – what should I do? 
Once your child is ready to come back to school after an injury, we will make necessary arrangements to ensure that he/she can continue to learn at school in a safe environment. We will undertake a risk-assessment with you to ensure you are content with the arrangements in place. Please feel free to call the main office to discuss further.

What if I want to take my child on holiday during term time?
Students are expected to attend school for 190 days of the year. We expect students to have strong attendance and not below 95%. Attendance below this seriously jeopardises a child's educational attainment. To request an absence for your child, please contact the school via Miss Pucknell, Executive Assistant, FAO Mr Belli. You can contact Miss Pucknell via email. However, please be aware the school does not authorise family holidays during term time. 

When should my child arrive to school? 
Your child must be in school by no later than 8.30am.

Will I receive a home visit from the school if my child is persistently absent from school? 
Yes, perhaps even if you have phoned in. This is intended to be a supportive measure. 

Academic Progress

How can I find out what level/class my child is streamed into? 
All classes at key stage 3 are taught in mixed-ability classes. The exception to this is mathematics, which is set by ability. To find out how well your child is progressing, please attend parent' evenings and information evenings. These provide important information for families. If you have concerns, you may contact individual teachers. Dates for parents’ evenings can be found on the school calendar. Please make a note of these.

Is it okay to email teachers directly? 
Yes. There is a link to the staff lists on our website. We aim to respond to emails within 24-48 hours. If you have not heard from a member of staff in this time then please do contact the main office.

What if I am concerned about my child’s academic progress? 
Please contact your child’s teacher, subject leader or pastoral manager to arrange a meeting to discuss any concerns.


How will I know if my child receives a detention? 
The school will contact you by text, phone and/or email if your child receives a detention for more than 15 minutes (or after-school detention). Please ensure your contact details are up-to-date to avoid any issues with communication. You can contact the school office with any change of contact details on 029 20562485. 

I’d like to discuss my child’s behaviour outside of school – who is the best person to speak to? 
The pastoral team are available to discuss any queries you may have and can direct you to the person most suited to support. Please be aware that we sanction students for misbehaviour outside of school and outside school hours.


After School Clubs – does my child have to attend every week or can they drop in? 
Your child is welcome at after-school clubs whenever they want to attend. However, some extra-curricular activities such as school performances may require committed attendance to avoid letting others down. A copy of the numerous lunchtime and after-school clubs are available on our website.


How much homework should my child receive?
We aim to set students in key stage 3 (Year 7, 8 and 9) at least one piece of meaningful homework each night. In key stage 4 (Year 10 and 11) there is usually one/two pieces per night. However, this will vary at more demanding times in the school year. In addition to this, all students have a reading book and we encourage them to spend around 15-20 minutes reading each day. Sixth Form students are expected to use their independent study sessions as well as wider reading to support their learning, as well as completing formal homework set. 

Who do I contact about homework? 
Please contact your child’s teacher to discuss any homework queries. If you have broader questions about homework then please raise these with Mrs Barrett, Deputy Head.


How do I apply for a place during the academic year? 
All in-year transfer requests are made directly to the school by completing an In-Year Admissions Form. The school is heavily oversubscribed in every year group so there is likely to be a waiting list for a place. For information about admissions please contact our Admissions Officer, Mrs Burke on 029 20562485 or via email.

How do I apply for my child to attend The Bishop of Llandaff in Year 7? 
For admissions into Year 7, parents/carers are required to complete an application form by the specified deadline. The governing body is responsible for admissions and applies oversubscription criteria in the event that there are more applications than places available.

Additional Learning Needs

Who should I contact about my child’s additional learning needs? 
Please contact your child’s teacher to discuss queries around your son/daughter’s additional learning needs. Alternatively, please contact our Head of Inclusion, Miss Dolan via email, for queries regarding provision available or your child's specific needs.