17:54 PM - 18 Jul 2024

A reminder that the summer term ends on Friday 19th July 2024. Thank you for your support this year and have a lovely summer break. Our Summer Edition of The Mitre is available to view. I hope you enjoy it https://t.co/edlf4jdLxk— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () July 18, 2024


19:53 PM - 11 Jul 2024

We are so fortunate to have Bishop Rowan Williams as our guest speaker at our Annual Awards Evening. Congratulations to all our students, past and present, who have received a deserved award 🙌🏻 pic.twitter.com/Gbzbvz8eBQ— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () July 11, 2024

07:29 AM - 6 Jul 2024

Don’t forget to pop in to school for our welcome day this am 10-12. Great opportunity for new starters to visit. will be selling coffee & cake, books & plants. will have school uniform available for families, donations are optional 🍰🪴☕️— BOLHS PTFA () July 6, 2024


10:54 AM - 5 Jul 2024

In recent weeks, our students have been learning about democracy and participated in a mock election yesterday. The results are in... (albeit this is a percentage share rather than constituency based model). Thank you and everyone who got involed pic.twitter.com/1k6EdF5MWc— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () July 5, 2024

19:50 PM - 2 Jul 2024

Our evening for new Year 7 parents/carers takes place on Thursday 4th July. This will be in the main hall from 7.00pm and finish by no later than 8.00pm.— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () July 2, 2024

08:22 AM - 2 Jul 2024

Over the past few weeks, students have been learning about politics and, in particular, how democracy works. Utilising regionally produced resources, students have been able to research parties and will have their own GE on Thursday. Results will be shared with them on Friday— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () July 2, 2024

18:49 PM - 27 Jun 2024

A reminder that Friday 28th June is an INSET Day, with school closed to students in all year groups— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () June 27, 2024


11:43 AM - 12 Jun 2024

On 27th June 2024, we host our very own BGT (Bishop's God Talent). We are delighted to have well over 100 students supporting the evening. Doors will open from 6.30pm, with general tickets available for purchase from 19th June pic.twitter.com/c3gd43VJnM— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () June 12, 2024


11:41 AM - 12 Jun 2024

Our annual art exhibition, showcasing the brilliant work of our A level students will take place on Monday 17th June 2024. The department welcomes you with viewings from 5.00pm until 7.00pm pic.twitter.com/bOKkcElYGa— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () June 12, 2024


15:23 PM - 6 Jun 2024

We are looking to add a number of Teaching Assistants to our existing team from September 2024. For more details visit https://t.co/u7Pjb8hguf— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () June 6, 2024

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum seeks to offer a broad and balanced experince which enables each member of the school community to become the ‘best versions of themselves’.

The formal and informal curriculum is designed so that all students, regardless of their background or ability, is able to develop the attitudes and qualities which prepares them to

  • achieve the very best academic standards in all subject areas, commensurate with their own ability;

  • utilise the necessary skills which helps prepare them for life beyond school; and

  • live good lives, underpinned by our core gospel values of: Love, Acceptance, Responsibility and Forgiveness (LARF).

We take every opportunity to ensure all students make the best progress possible and achieve the highest possible standards in subjects and qualifications. We strive to narrow the gaps in achievement and enable those not achieving age-related expectations to catch up with their peers. Our ALNCo works closely with all departments, in order to support students so that they all have access to the curriculum. The school challenges more able and talented students so that they achieve their full potential and their progress is sustained and enhanced. We make certain that all young people develop the skills and abilities needed for success in life and can apply them in a wide range of contexts.

Teaching groups vary in nature but generally there are mixed ability classes on admission in Year 7. A process of setting, determined by each department, takes place as students move through the school. Some setting takes place in Year 7 with further extensions to setting in Years 8- 11. 

Curriculum Organisation
Within Lower School (Years 7, 8 and 9, also known as key stage 3) the school curriculum consists of

  • Core subjects: English, Welsh, mathematics, science and religious education;

  • Non-core subjects: Modern foreign languages, design technology, ICT, history, geography, art, music, drama, physical education, PSE (including sex education) and careers and the world of work.

Within Upper School (Years 10 - 11, also known as key stage 4) the school curriculum consists of

  • Compulsory subjects: English language and English literature, Welsh second language, mathematics: numeracy, mathematics, science, religious education, physical education and Welsh Baccalaureate;

  • PSE (including Relationships and Sexuality Education) and careers and the world of work; and

  • A broad range of academic and vocational courses leading to external qualifications (based on demand). 

Within Senior School (Sixth Form, also known as key stage 5) the school curriculum consists of

  • A broad range of courses leading to external qualifications; and

  • All students follow the Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Skills Qualification.

New Curriculum: Year 7 (from 2022 onwards)
Our new curriculum has been introduced for Year 7 students, drawing upon the principles of Curriculum for Wales. 

Our staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of our students and offers a bespoke experience. A copy of our curriculum overview can be accessed here. This captures on a single page, the key themes and concepts that will be covered within departments, across Areas of Learning and Experience (AoLE) and the whole school.

A draft version of the Year 8 curriculum overview, which will be introduced in September 2023 can be accessed here.

Measuring expected progress within our bespoke curriculum
Our staff will assess students against our own curriculum, linked to steps of progression at three different tiers. For each step, these are at foundation tier; intermediate tier; and advanced tier.

We recognise this is a new and unfamiliar system for families, particularly if they have older children in the school. So, the table below seeks to explain how our tiers may compare to 'old' national curriculum levels. Furthermore, it highlights how these tiers would compare to GCSE standards.

New Curriculum Progression 'Flight Path'

How will I know my child is making good progress against this bespoke curriculum?
Against our unique curriculum, we will expect that most students are likely to achieve at a rate of one tier of progress per curriculum year. However, at the same time, there is recognition that children will learn at different rates and demonstrate a wide range of skills. The graphic below is designed to illustrate how a child, who began Year 7 in September 2022, might be expected to progress through our curriculum

Worked Example Progress Steps

"I have been really impressed by the support my daughter has received from the school. Teachers provide 'super' revision sessions and encouraging feedback"