10:09 AM - 6 Dec 2023

Congratulations to Lila, who has been announced as the winner of ‘Planet Protector of the Year’ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 pic.twitter.com/MJ09Z3XsxN— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () December 6, 2023


11:20 AM - 28 Nov 2023

We are looking for talented teachers of science (Physics teacher from September 2024; Biology teacher to cover maternity at some point during spring 2024) to join our outstanding team. Take a look at our careers page for more details https://t.co/AoQb3yRGg5 pic.twitter.com/wc5TcwRov2— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () November 28, 2023

14:33 PM - 17 Nov 2023

Our ‘civvies day’ and several activities at break/lunch has helped raise £1356.38 so far for . Families can still make donations via ParentPay, but I wanted to thank everyone for their generosity 👏🏻🙌🏻 pic.twitter.com/OpLguvaYNP— Marc Belli () November 17, 2023

08:05 AM - 17 Nov 2023

Thank you to the families of Year 6 children who have applied for a Year place for September 2024. A reminder for those who haven’t yet, the deadline is 12.00pm on Monday 20th November 2023. Our admissions webpage has more details https://t.co/akLipZf4N8— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () November 17, 2023


11:47 AM - 13 Nov 2023

It is national safeguarding week. Cardiff and the Vale Safeguarding Children’s Board has chosen exploitation as their theme. This poster helps identify signs of exploitation. Knowing these and the support available can help prevent children and young people being exploited. pic.twitter.com/YdcMvjmUnl— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () November 13, 2023


11:28 AM - 13 Nov 2023

🎺🎶 pic.twitter.com/NRmuVS2RkD— BOLHS Perf Arts Dept () November 11, 2023


11:28 AM - 13 Nov 2023

It was a privilege to once again pay our respects and remember the sacrifice that was made by so many for our freedom - Hedd perffaith hedd. 'At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.' pic.twitter.com/ZKYZbqz69z— School Chaplain () November 10, 2023


07:16 AM - 9 Nov 2023

We look forward to welcoming our Year 11 students, as well as students from other schools to our Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursdsy 16th November 2023. For more information about sixth form admissions, please follow the link for our webpage https://t.co/Joxo1EfVWv pic.twitter.com/K1qgr2U3Uq— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () November 9, 2023

17:05 PM - 5 Nov 2023

We encourage families to subscribe to our school calendar for up-to-date events and activities. The highlights for November can be accessed via the link https://t.co/kxbOfwT3w7— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () November 5, 2023

17:04 PM - 5 Nov 2023

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Monday 6th November (Week A)— The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School () November 5, 2023

Welsh Language and Culture Development

At The Bishop of Llandaff, we are dedicated to the promotion of Welsh language and culture within our school community. Located in Wales’ capital city, it is only natural for us, as a school, to recognise and celebrate the culture and heritage of Wales.

We fully support the Welsh Government Cymraeg 2050 strategy, and we are proud to enable our students to play a part in this, too. In December 2022, the school achieved 'Cymraeg Campus' award, in recognition for the work in promoting Welsh language culture and development. We encourage our students to not only use their Welsh language skills within the classroom. However, there are also many opportunities for our students to experience and promote the Welsh language outside of the classroom and across our broader curriculum. This includes are annual Eisteddfod, as well as events such as ‘Diwrnod Shwmae’ and ‘Dydd Miwsig Cymru’, which are embedded within our school calendar.

Students are able to participate in a variety of clubs to expand their knowledge of Welsh culture and practise their Welsh language skills such as ‘Clwb Diwylliant’ and ‘Clwb yr Urdd.’ Many of our clubs are led by sixth form students and/or external providers such as the Urdd; we have strong links with Cardiff and Swansea universities with guest speakers regularly delivering sessions to our students.

Beyond the classroom, there are many educational trips and visits offered which celebrate Welsh language and culture. These include annual residential visits to Llangrannog and Glan Llyn, while our sixth form students enjoy a ‘Taith o Gymru.’ Students have to opportunity to visit local attractions as part of their humanities studies; there are also many links made and referenced across other languages. For example, a visit to Patagonia for our sixth form students.

As a school, we are on the journey to gaining ‘Siarter Iaith’ status, which recognises the use of the Welsh language within schools. The promotion of the ‘Tocyn Iaith’ initiative enables a competitive spirit through the medium of Welsh for our students, which feeds into our school House System. Students are actively encouraged, and given the opportunity, to use their Welsh language skills in conversation, with each other and with identified members of staff (we are lucky to have numerous Welsh speakers across the staff body).

Overall, we are proud to incorporate such a wealth of experiences and opportunities to celebrate our Welsh heritage; we encourage our students to use their Welsh language skills as much as possible: ‘Hyder, nid Cywirdeb.’

“Provision for Welsh language is strong. Successful initiatives such as the ‘Tocyn Iaith’ promote pupils’ use of Welsh around the school.” Estyn