09:16 AM - 15 Nov 2017

Our Sixth Form Open Evening is Wednesday 22nd November between 5.30pm- 7.30pm. Please click on the link below for more information https://t.co/NlHna8FG79


15:16 PM - 14 Nov 2017

Today some of our Year 10 students visited Jesus College Oxford. Here they are outside the copyright library and the scene for the hospital in Harry Potter. Thank you for a very enjoyable and educational trip https://t.co/rBoAIcV4JP

14:50 PM - 14 Nov 2017

Congratulations to Deputy Head Boy, David, who recently spoke at the House of Commons. We are very proud of you https://t.co/WYSOMdRGtZ

12:05 PM - 14 Nov 2017

This Friday (17th November) will be 'Civvies Day' in aid of BBC Children in Need (Friday 24th November will be a normal school uniform day)

15:27 PM - 13 Nov 2017

There will not be a Head of Sixth Form's Open Door tonight. We apologise for any inconvenience caused


14:56 PM - 10 Nov 2017

Do you know the warning signs of Diabetes? Visit for more information https://t.co/laKlcdRPVu

16:37 PM - 8 Nov 2017

We are running Year 11 Maths revision sessions on Saturday 11 November. Please follow the link below to find out more https://t.co/nSXGvpyeWN

15:35 PM - 8 Nov 2017

A reminder that our application for a Year 7 place in September 2018 is Monday 4th December 2017. Thank you to those who applied to date

10:53 AM - 6 Nov 2017

Reminder: Headteacher's Open Door is today from 4.30pm-6.30pm

14:48 PM - 27 Oct 2017

Year 11 revision sessions will take place over half term. Please follow the link below for date and times https://t.co/nIKILwu1dm


Outstanding Performance Under New GCSEs

Students, parents and staff at The Bishop of Llandaff are today celebrating an outstanding set of GCSE results with 84% of students achieving 5 or more A*-C including English Language and mathematics. Under a new set of qualifications and supporting headline measures the school is delighted to report a staggering 41% of students achieved 5 or more A*-A with 15% of the year group achieving A*-A grades across the board


Headline Performance Indicators

94% 5 or more A*-C;

84% 5 or more A*-C including English Language and mathematics;

99% 5 or more A*-G;

41% 5 or more A*-A; and 419 best 9 outcomes (equivalent to 9 B grades per student on average)


Outstanding performances include

Rebecca Haslam 12A*                       Amy Heylin 11A*, 1A

Cathy Morris 10A*, 1A                       Kate O’Driscoll 12A*

Sam Ogonovsky 10A*, 2A                 Emily Roots 11A*, 1A

Gwennan Rucinski 11A*, 1A              Grace Wellington 11A*, 1A

Miriam Wilks 10A*, 2A                       Ethan Day 9A*, 2B

Restam Ehmo Agha 9A*, 3A             Ryan Joseph 8A*, 2A, 1B

Morgan Blanc 7A*, 5A                      Jonathan Hope-Gill 6A*, 5A


Other notable performances were seen by

Evie Carlin 1A*, 5A, 5B                    Sam Chubb 1A*, 4B, 8C

Caitlin Coakley 3A, 5B, 5C              Sophie Jones 2A, 5B, 4C

Claurindo Diakiesse 2A*, 3B, 6C     Joshua Bedford-Murphy 5B, 2C


Headteacher, Marc Belli added, “I am incredibly proud of the achievements of all our students today. We find ourselves in a unique period of curriculum change, where it is very difficult to make meaningful comparisons with the performance of previous years. However, against more demanding specifications and revised key performance indicators, our students have demonstrated their wonderful talents with these excellent results. This is a remarkable day for everyone associated with the school. I should like to congratulate all of our students who have worked so incredibly hard to earn the success seen today. The grades they have achieved will remain with them forever and is a reflection of their dedication and effort. While many of our students have recorded some of the highest outcomes in our history and possibly across the entire country, we are equally proud of all of our students who have met or exceeded their personal targets. Some of our strongest performances today have been achieved by individuals who have had to overcome significant challenges in recent times. Today is a day I am sure they will cherish for the rest of their lives! Following our stunning A level results last week, I also wish to reaffirm my sincere gratitude and heartfelt praise to the amazing teaching and support staff at school who have helped our students achieve such wonderful outcomes. They deserve a great deal of credit for the continued success at the school and have worked tirelessly to support the students to achieve so well”.